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Compiz port to GLES2 : Putting everything together.

Hi, here’s the last article of the “Compiz port to GLES2” series.

This project was really tons of fun. It led me to :

  • Learn compiz and metacity internals
  • Rewrite parrt of the opengl plugin
  • Port many cool compiz plugins (Water, Wobbly, Cube, Scale, etc…)
  • Rewrite compiz opengl plugin’s partial damage rendering
  • Harmonize Nux/Compiz framebuffer usage

And all of this working on the really cool PandaBoard plateform !

So today, I just wanted to show you the results. Check the following two videos :

1) This video showcases Unity3D with Wobbly, Water and other plugins.

2) At the end of this video, we see the rest of the demo I devised : The cube plugin !

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