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The SGX stack : a new project for me

When considering X/DDX driver implementation¬†on an ARM platform, Texas Instrument’s Blaze and Pandaboards are quite often considered by engineers and designers because of their smart multicore design, low-cost value and, of course, powerful SGX GPU devices which make real-time rendering of complex high-polygon scenes possible!

Take a look at this user demo which, basically, shows everything the PowerVR SGX device is capable of rendering from cell shading and particles systems, all the way to ambient occlusion, bump maps and Image-based lighting with custom shaders. Currently, the SGX 540 is fully supporting the OpenGL ES2.0 spec.

So since beginning of April 2012, I’m working on implementing/fixing our DDX drivers to work nicely with our PVR SGX on the Pandaboard ES. This lets me hack at code at various levels down the stack : “high level” DDX drivers and low-level DRM kernel code and PVR kernel-module.

Currently, only the PVR kernel module (DKMS) is open-source. You can get the code from our TI OMAP release PPA (pvr-omap4-dkms package). However, all the user libs, that is, the OpenGL/VG implementations (what we call the “sgxlib”) written by IMG are closed-source. You can download the binary blob trom the same PPA (libegl1-sgx-omap4, libgles1-sgx-omap4, libgles2-sgx-omap4, libopenvg-sgx-omap4 and pvr-omap4_xxx packages).

That’s it for now.