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Compiz port to GLES2 : Another Cool Project !

Hi ! It’s been a while since I last wrote about my professional highlights in the Open-Source World.

From oct2011 till mar2012, I worked on porting COMPIZ –  the open-source eye-candy window manager – to OpenGLES1/2. This was a very fun and interesting task to tackle! Now, compiz runs under Linux and many of you might never have used it. So here’s two videos, showing what’s it’s basically capable of on a desktop ubuntu:

Those videos actually show compiz running on fast desktop boxes, but my task was to port compiz to the Texas Instruments’ OMAP4 platform (using the power of its amazing SGX GPU). Now, we don’t find any OpenGL implementation on theses SoCs, rather, OpenGLES1/2 implementations delivered by Imagination Technologies (remember, it’s embedded !). So since Compiz was originally written using legacy OGL calls, conventional glVertex and almost no shaders, the fun work could start!!  I ported a lot of ‘compiz core’ code to GLES2, using vertexBuffer objects instead of glVertices. I also had to completely get rid of the fixed-functionality and write cool brand new shaders in GLSL for eye-candy plugins that we wanted to include in our demo (e.g. the Wobbly plugin  – to be showcased in another blog post).

During those months, I had the pleasure of working with Travis Watkins from Linaro (a.k.a. Amaranth) who did first rounds of GLES porting and with whom I worked closely. I also have to mention the work of Pekka Paalanen (from Collabora),  who briefly worked on this project but made important contributions to the paint and damage system, for example. For those interested in pulling our CompizGLES work from the community git, clone the ‘gles’ branch from here :


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