Multi-process Firefox on the N900 ?

I’m really glad fennec/firefox RC 1.0 came out for maemo! If you’ve got an N810 or N900, but haven’t installed firefox on it yet, rush to from your device browser and click “download”. With it, you’ll be able to unleash all the great plugin power you were used to with the desktop version! Try it.

Here’s a snapshop I did with the “load-applet” app available on the Maemo Select repository. I’m still amazed at the N900 processing power. it lets me surf google maps as I used to on my desktop firefox!

I’m even editing this blog entry with fennec/firefox running on my N900 !!

I’m currently working on the Electrolysis project (multi-process firefox) and so, I can’t keep thinking of all the implications a multi-process fennec would have on the N900. Watch for more news.

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